Client Agreement Information

At Green Angel Cleaning, we value transparency and open communication. We want to ensure you are aware of our client agreements, which outline important aspects of our services. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following points:

🔑 Access to Your Home: It is important that we always have access to your home the day of your cleaning. If you are not home, please provide us a lockbox with a key to your home or a keyless entry code. We do not hold client keys.

🔏 Lockout Fee: If we cannot access your home the day of the cleaning, a $50 lockout fee will be assessed to your account. The entirety of this fee is given to your housekeeper in order to compensate them for their time.

🤒 Flu or other contagious viruses:  If you or a household member experiences flu-like symptoms, please promptly notify us, and reschedule your appointment to ensure the safety of all parties. As much advanced notice is appreciated to accommodate rescheduling and ensure we can find alternative work for the housekeeper.

❌Cancellation: If you need to skip or reschedule a cleaning, we must be notified 2 business days prior to the visit. Anything within 2 business days will receive a cancellation charge of $75.

📅 Skipping a Cleaning: If you skip a cleaning, we will upgrade your cleaning rate to the next level cleaning service. For weekly to biweekly, the supplement is $25.  For biweekly to monthly, the supplement is $45. For monthly to 8 weeks, the supplement will range from $60 to $120 depending on the size of the home. Our team will advise you of the amount. If there is anything you would like us to focus on, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

😊 Quality Control: Your feedback is very important. We work hard to meet your expectations at each cleaning. If you are ever unhappy with a cleaning, please call or email our office immediately, so we can quickly fix the problem. You can count on us to address these issues right away. We will also share your comments caringly and constructively with your housekeepers. They care so much about doing a great job (and ensuring you are happy with the services rendered), they always want to know if there something they can improve upon.

⭐We Love Hearing From You: A survey goes out after each cleaning. Take a moment to rate each visit. If it's anything below a 5-star, let us know what we can do to get that 5-star next time. Our housekeepers see the surveys as well and they are interested in your input.

🪟 Due to the delicacy of mini blinds, our team will NOT hand wash them, but we will lightly dry dust them. The results may not always be as detailed.

🪜 Keep in mind, for insurance purposes, our team cannot go higher than a 2-step ladder. The taller areas of your home will be cleaned with reaching tools, but may not be as detailed as the reachable areas.

🛋️ For safety reasons, our housekeeping staff is not authorized to move heavy furniture. If there are areas, such as baseboards behind a couch, china cabinet, etc., that require attention, kindly move the furniture sufficiently to grant our housekeepers access.

🏠 Getting Ready for the Cleaning: We are excited to come and clean all the items on our checklist. Please be sure to tidy and pick up as much as possible. If you wish to include tidying into our services, please call the office for pricing.

🐾 We Are Going to LOVE Your Pets: Keeping your pets secure is very important to us. If they have the tendency to run out the front door, please secure them in a crate or a room so no accidents happen. Animal Safety Note: If there is any risk of an aggressive animal in the home, potentially causing injury or hurting a housekeeper, we kindly request that you secure the animal in an area where it will not come into contact with our staff during the cleaning service. The client acknowledges and agrees that they are 100% responsible for any injury caused by the animal to our housekeepers during the service.

🏺 Your Valuables: We always try to be very careful when cleaning. Please move any expensive, fragile, or precious possessions to a safe place that won't be cleaned (such as a spare room, inside a curio cabinet, or a closet)

💩 Not covered under our services: To ensure the well-being of our housekeeping team, we are unable to address cleaning tasks involving mold, blood, bodily fluids, animal waste, cat litter, insects, or rodents. We kindly ask for your assistance in disposing of bug/pest bait and traps, as our housekeepers may face difficulty determining whether to discard them or work around them.

🧹 Cleaning Products & Tools: We will supply all of the cleaning products and tools except for toilet brushes. Please be sure to have a toilet brush in each of your bathrooms. Please let us know before your first cleaning where we can find your trash bags and liners. If you have a special item you prefer, this must be called in to our office so we can coordinate proper training with our team.

🙋 Our Office Team is Here for You: If you have updates to your profile notes, want to give feedback on your cleanings, no longer like your schedule, moving to a new home, or just anything, our office team is here for you! We love to stay in touch with our clients. Please communicate any changes to our office vs. giving them to your housekeepers. We will pass along the details.

💵 Payments: We require a credit card on file for your cleanings. Your card will be charged after each cleaning visit. If you prefer to leave a check or cash, you may leave that with your housekeeper. You may still receive an invoice as they turn their payments in once a week. No worries, we will update it once it's turned in.

😔 Breakage or Damage:  Our housekeeper will leave a note if anything unusual happens. If there is not a note, you will hear from our office within 1-business day. Each incident is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please save the broken item for review. Please ensure all hanging items on your walls are secure.

We value your loyalty to Green Angel Cleaning, and we kindly request that you refrain from soliciting our housekeepers for work outside of our company. Engaging our trained cleaning team outside of Green Angel Cleaning Services LLC is against our policies and may result in a fee of $2,500. This fee helps us provide a living wage to our housekeepers and respects their internal non-compete agreement. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated.

****By hiring us and engaging in our services, please note that you have agreed to our Client Guidelines ****

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