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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a cleaning company that takes amazing care of their housekeepers is crucial for multiple reasons. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to employee well-being, fostering a positive work environment that translates into higher job satisfaction and better service quality. When housekeepers feel valued and supported, they are more likely to deliver exceptional service consistently. Fair wages, benefits, and reasonable working conditions provided by the cleaning company contribute to job stability and reduced turnover, allowing clients to establish long-term relationships with their trusted housekeepers. Furthermore, investing in housekeeper training and professional development enhances their skills, resulting in an elevated level of service. Ultimately, supporting a cleaning company that prioritizes the well-being of their housekeepers aligns with ethical values and ensures a positive experience for both employees and clients.

Yes, we have prepared many homes for realtors to sell and have made them “move-in ready” for the home buyers. We also do post-construction cleaning.

Green Angel is sensitive to the environment, the health of our employees and the well-being of our clients and their pets . So we use only environmentally friendly products – everything is non-toxic, non-abrasive and contains no bleach!

Yes, Green Angel understands that sometimes a home just needs a good deep clean. We are happy to come and clean your house for spring, a gathering, or if you’re just too busy and have fallen behind. Be careful, you might get addicted to us and want more. 😊

Yes, we are licensed, insured and bonded . We also provide workers compensation insurance for all of our employees. Please feel free to request copies when booking your initial cleaning. We are happy to share.

Our staff is at its most efficient when using the equipment and supplies that we’re trained on. If you have a product or piece of equipment you wish them to use, we will do so as long as you accept the risks of no training.

The day that works best for you ! Some customers prefer the end of the week, in order to get ready for the weekend. Others like Monday or Tuesday because a house cleaned earlier in the week tends to stay cleaned longer – and it’s a great feeling to start the new week with a clean house. Decide what works best for you, and we’ll try to accommodate you as much as our schedule and logistic will permit.

Keeping a specific time-frame can be a challenge in the housekeeping industry . The only way to guarantee a specific time-frame is to be the first cleaning of the route. You can always check in with our office by email/call/text and we can give you an update throughout the day.

We accept check payments, credit cards and cash.

We ask that our clients pay us the day of each cleaning if possible. If you prefer to mail a check, we would appreciate it arriving within 2 weeks of the cleaning visit.

We do our best to ensure the same team member at every cleaning. We understand the importance of consistency in this industry. There are times, due to internal reasons, when we have no control over the housekeeper we send. Regardless, you should always receive above and beyond service no matter which team comes to your home.

A gratuity is never expected but always appreciated. There is no recommended amount and that is completely at your discretion.

As we always hope you are completely satisfied with each cleaning, we understand that things might not always go perfectly . Please call our office within 24 hours of the cleaning. We want to be sure we can correct the issue right away. If the cleaning falls on a Friday and you don’t reach us during work hours, we will call you first thing on Monday morning.

We understand that life gets in the way and sometimes a cleaning needs to be skipped or rescheduled. Please give us advance notice of at least three business days, so we have time to re-schedule a cleaning. We don’t want our housekeepers to lose any hours. Please keep in mind, when there is additional time in between visits, there is more buildup to clean, and the team typically takes longer at the following visit. With that said, there will be a small supplement added to the next cleaning. If you cancel your cleaning within 24 hours of the visit, we do charge a $75 cancellation fee.

No, you can cancel service with Green Angel at any time.

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